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Last Updated : June 18, 2011

Simulation Platform

Shiro Usui1, 2, Hidetoshi Ikeno3, Tadashi Yamazaki1, Yoshihiro Okumura2, Yoshimi Kamiyama4, Yutaka Hirata5, Akito Ishihara6, Takayuki Kannon1, Kay Inagaki1, Shunji Satoh7, and Nilton Liuji Kamiji1
1RIKEN Brain Science Institute, 2RIKEN-NIJC, 3University of Hyogo, 4Aichi Prefectural University, 5Chubu University, 6Chukyo University, 7The University of Electro-Communications,,

Virtual machine environment

  • Simulation platform (SimPF) provides a test environment of computational models via web. Users can run a trial of computational models that are registered on PFs and Neuroinformatics databases; no need to install any software on their computers. A user is asked to upload a script of a model to SimPF from a web browser. Once uploaded, SimPF assigns a virtual machine (VM) for the user from SimPF clouds, and connects the VM automatically to the user's browser via VNC (Virtual Network Computing) protocol.

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Cloud simulation environment

  • We are providing MPI simulation environment for various kind of neuron and local-circuit simulation. The system consists of Portal hosts, Ganglia server and Execution hosts. Linux and open source software are used for every host and server. Anyone can easily access and use our cloud simulation environment from WWW browser. Install and configuration methods are provided by the simulation platform.
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