Olfactory receptor neuron model (Dougherty et al 2005)

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Contributor:NIJC Administrator (nijcadmin)  |  Created Date: Mar 16, 2011 16:36:30  |  Visits:1848  |  Runs:65
Free Keywords: Olfactory receptor neuron, Calcium oscillation
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Title Olfactory receptor neuron model (Dougherty et al 2005)
Free Keywords Olfactory receptor neuron, Calcium oscillation
Description Demonstration of ORN model by Dougherty, Wright and Yew (2005) PNAS 102: 10415-10420. This program, dwy_pnas_demo2, simulates the transduction current response of a single olfactory receptor neuron being stimulated by an odorant plume. The program is interactive in that a user can tweak parameter values and stimulus conditions. Also, users can save a configuration in a mat-file or export all aspects to a directory of text files. These text files can be read by other programs. There is also an import facility for importing text files from a directory that allows the user to specify their own data, pulses and parameters.

By clicking center of Virtual Machine (VM) window, VM is booted and MATLAB program is automatically started. First, Select a data window is appeared. You can select from single, adaptation, prolonged. After the selection, you have to click OK button. The windows for setting model parameters and input stimulus are displayed. Input train of cencentration is displayed. When you click Yes in the Accept pulse train window, simulation is executed. Various values, cAMP, Ca and so on are shown in the new window.

Reference: Dougherty DP, Wright GA, Yew AC (2005) Computational model of the cAMP-mediated sensory response and calcium-dependent adaptation in vertebrate olfactory receptor neurons. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102:10415-20
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Created Date Mar 16, 2011 16:36:30
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