Activity dependent regulation of pacemaker channels by cAMP (Wang et al 2002)

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Free Keywords: Thlamic relay neuron, h current, cAMP
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Title Activity dependent regulation of pacemaker channels by cAMP (Wang et al 2002)
Free Keywords Thlamic relay neuron, h current, cAMP
Description Demonstration of the physiological consequences of the cyclic allosteric gating scheme for Ih mediated by HCN2 in thalamocortical relay cells. This simulation will reproduce the current-clamp experiment to examine sag and rebound responses to a current step and depolarizing responses to a cAMP pulse described in figure 7 of Wang et al. 2002. The thalamocortical cell properties are modified from Destexhe et al 1996, with Ih removed and replaced with a kinetic model of HCN2 and the T-type Ca2+ current also removed to focus on the role of the H-current.

see Fig. 7 of Wang et al, 2002

Once the menu and graphics interface has appeared, choose the concentration of cAMP inside the cell first, otherwise 0 cAMP will be chosen. Then click the currentstep button to see the simulation of the membrane potential changes of the cell in the presense of the specified concentration of cAMP or click the cAMP pulse button to see the simulation of the fluctuation of the membrane potential if a pulse of specified concentration of cAMP is given to the cell.
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