Bursting and resonance in cerebellar granule cells (D'Angelo et al 2001)


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登録者:NIJC管理者 (nijcadmin)  |  作成日: Mar 16, 2011 17:28:51  |  来訪者数:2307  |  実行回数:33
フリーキーワード: hippocampus, CA1 pyramidal cell, dendrite, two-layer neurral network, Bursting, Resonance, M-current, Cerebellum, Granule cell, Modeling
ID 161
タイトル Bursting and resonance in cerebellar granule cells (D'Angelo et al 2001)
フリーキーワード hippocampus, CA1 pyramidal cell, dendrite, two-layer neurral network, Bursting, Resonance, M-current, Cerebellum, Granule cell, Modeling
概要 Following is a brief overview of the contents of this directory:

(1) lib: This directory contains all the library functions called
in the setup of the CA1 model cell as well as functions used in
the experiments. Each of the functions is described in detail
within the respective *.hoc file.

(2) morphology: This directory contains the morphology of the cell
as well as various lists of dendritic compartments used in the
model setup and the experiments (files are in subdirectory n123).
(3) template: This directory contains a few files that define
templates used in the model setup and experiments. Templates
are described in the .hoc files.

(4) experiment: This directory contains a selected set of experiments as described
in the aforementioned publications. Within each subdirectory, the
*.hoc files contain the NEURON code for the experiment while the
run_* files are the executables used by the user to run the experiment.
Each experiment is described in detail in the respective .hoc files.

Readme file for the model associated with

D'Angelo E, Nieus T, Maffei A, Armano S, Rossi P, Taglietti V,
Fontana A, Naldi G (2001) Theta-frequency bursting and resonance
in cerebellar granule cells: experimental evidence and modeling
of a slow k+-dependent mechanism. J Neurosci 21:759-70

Neurons process information in a highly nonlinear manner,
generating oscillations, bursting, and resonance, enhancing
responsiveness at preferential frequencies. It has been proposed
that slow repolarizing currents could be responsible for
both oscillation/burst termination and for high-pass filtering
that causes resonance (Hutcheon and Yarom, 2000). However,
different mechanisms, including electrotonic effects (Mainen
and Sejinowski, 1996), the expression of resurgent currents
(Raman and Bean, 1997), and network feedback, may also be
important. In this study we report theta-frequency (3-12 Hz)
bursting and resonance in rat cerebellar granule cells and show
that these neurons express a previously unidentified slow repolarizing
K1 current (IK-slow ). Our experimental and modeling
results indicate that IK-slow was necessary for both bursting and
resonance. A persistent (and potentially a resurgent) Na current
exerted complex amplifying actions on bursting and resonance,
whereas electrotonic effects were excluded by the compact
structure of the granule cell. Theta-frequency bursting and
resonance in granule cells may play an important role in determining
synchronization, rhythmicity, and learning in the

Key words: bursting; resonance; M-current; cerebellum;
granule cell; modeling

Basic Model Use:
Expand archive file. Use mknrndll (windows, mac) or nrnivmodl (unix)
to compile the mod files. Start nrngui and load the mosinit.hoc
file to see a couple of traces from figure 6A in the paper.

Clicking on the Kinetics, Cell, or Electrodes buttons allow the
changing of these simulation parameters.
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作成日 Mar 16, 2011 17:28:51
登録者 NIJC管理者 (nijcadmin)
アイテムタイプ Online Simulation
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シミュレータ Neuron
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