Mapping function onto neuronal morphology (Stiefel and Sejnowski 2007)

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Contributor:NIJC Administrator (nijcadmin)  |  Created Date: Mar 17, 2011 15:10:37  |  Visits:1837  |  Runs:21
Free Keywords: Dendritic geometory, Genetic Algorithm
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Title Mapping function onto neuronal morphology (Stiefel and Sejnowski 2007)
Free Keywords Dendritic geometory, Genetic Algorithm
Description This is an optimization program to find neuronal morphological structures for two computational tasks: First, neuronal morphologies were selected for linearly summing excitatory synaptic potentials (EPSPs); second, structures were selected that distinguished the temporal order of EPSPs. The solutions resembled the morphology of real neurons.

By clicking center of Virtual Machine (VM) window, VM is booted and simulation is NEURON started. To execute the program, you select "Original GA settings" or "Short run test". When you click the Original GA setting", initial morphologies of neurons are displayed. When the start of calculation, various kind of morphologies are involved. However, these morphological models are converged to one shape.

Stiefel KM, Sejnowski TJ (2007) Mapping Function onto Neuronal Morphology. J Neurophysiol 98:513-526
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Created Date Mar 17, 2011 15:10:37
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