Olfactory Bulb Network (Davison et al 2003)

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Free Keywords: Olfactory bulb, Oscillation, Mitral cell, Granule cell
ID 302
Title Olfactory Bulb Network (Davison et al 2003)
Free Keywords Olfactory bulb, Oscillation, Mitral cell, Granule cell
Description A biologically-detailed model of the mammalian olfactory bulb, incorporating the mitral and granule cells and the dendrodendritic synapses between them. The results of simulation experiments with electrical stimulation agree closely in most details with published experimental data. The model predicts that the time course of dendrodendritic inhibition is dependent on the network connectivity as well as on the intrinsic parameters of the synapses. In response to simulated odor stimulation, strongly activated mitral cells tend to suppress neighboring cells, the mitral cells readily synchronize their firing, and increasing the stimulus intensity increases the degree of synchronization

By clicking center of Virtual Machine (VM) window, VM is booted and NEURON is automatically started. To execute the simulation, you select "Response to olfactory nerve shock (Fig.2)" or "Response to odour stimulus (Fig.8)". When you choose one of them, the run control window is displayed. By clicking "Init & Run" button, calculation is started. When you choose above one, graph is plotted on graph window by advancing simulation. In the case of choosing below one, simulaion will not be ended by the time limit.

Davison AP, Feng J, Brown D (2003) Dendrodendritic inhibition and simulated odor responses in a detailed olfactory bulb network model. J Neurophysiol 90:1921-1935
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