Olfactory Mitral Cell (Shen et al 1999)

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Free Keywords: Olfactory bulb, Mitral cell, Myelinated neuron
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Title Olfactory Mitral Cell (Shen et al 1999)
Free Keywords Olfactory bulb, Mitral cell, Myelinated neuron
Description Mitral cell model with standard parameters for the paper: Shen, G.Y., Chen, W. R., Midtgaard, J., Shepherd, G.M., and Hines, M.L. (1999) Computational Analysis of Action Potential Initiation in Mitral Cell Soma and Dendrites Based on Dual Patch Recordings. Journal of Neurophysiology 82:3006.

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Shen GY, Chen WR, Midtgaard J, Shepherd GM, Hines ML (1999) Computational analysis of action potential initiation in mitral cell soma and dendrites based on dual patch recordings. J Neurophysiol 82:3006-20
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Created Date Mar 17, 2011 15:52:55
Contributor NIJC Administrator (nijcadmin)
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