Thalamic Relay Neuron: I-T current (Williams, Stuart 2000)

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ID 569
Title Thalamic Relay Neuron: I-T current (Williams, Stuart 2000)
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Description Parameters for the Boltzmann equation fitting
the activation (m^3) and inactivation (h) steady states
were those reported in the paper (p.1313).

Half activation/inactivation,
prepulses, and test pulses, were reported in the paper as
relative to a resting membrane potential, and the model
uses the Nerst's equation to calculate the Calcium reversal potential.
Thus, the model's parameter vrest_cat (the resting potential)
and the initial values of Calcium concentrations (cao and cai)
need to be defined in hoc.

Time constants were not reported in the paper. In the model,
they have been adjusted to give a reasonable approximation of the
voltage-clamp current traces in Figs.8A-B.
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