Thalamic quiescence of spike and wave seizures (Lytton et al 1997)

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ID 572
Title Thalamic quiescence of spike and wave seizures (Lytton et al 1997)
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Description * simulation from:
Lytton WW; Contreras D; Destexhe A; Steriade M. Dynamic interactions
determine partial thalamic quiescence in a computer network model of
spike-and-wave seizures. J Neurophysiol, 77:1679-1696, 1997.
Fig 7 on p 1688 (jnphys77:1679.pdf)

Simulation of figure 7 may take several minutes. fig7.gif shows the output of
the simulation.

A phase plane analysis of a two cell interaction between a
thalamocortical neuron (TC) and a thalamic reticularis neuron (RE).
Figure legend : Analysis of spontaneous transition from mutual to
quiescent mode with bursting viewed in the RE T-channel m/h plane.
A. RE neuron voltage trace (A1) and TC voltage trace (A2) shows 8
bursts of mutual activity followed by switch into the quiescent
state. Color for each cycle give the key for the phase planes
below. Interburst intervals are depicted in panel Ba. Alternating
bursts are shown in panels Bb and Bc. Initial oscillation appears
to be approximately period-2 with burst alternating with an
interburst depolarization.
B. Apparent approximate period-2 oscillation illustrated to be
period-4: four cycles occur before the cycle repeats. In each phase
plane, abscissa gives the value of mT (T channel activation),
ordinate the value of hT (T channel inactivation).
Trajectories run counterclockwise. Interbursts alternated
between large cycles (solid line type) and small cycles (dashed line type)
Burst Bb
showed a progression of gradually increasing hT, while burst Bc
was more coherent and showed no regular shift. The inner loop in Ba
gradually collapsed to terminate the oscillation. The subsequent
interburst (grey dashed) was similar in extent to large cycle.
C. Inner and outer interburst cycles seen in the voltage-calcium plane
corresponded to Ba-inner and Ba-outer respectively. The collapse of the inner
cycle is not as clear as in Ba, however. Trajectories run clockwise.
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