Olfactory bulb mitral cell gap junction NN model: burst firing and synchrony (O`Connor et al. 2012)

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ID 627
Title Olfactory bulb mitral cell gap junction NN model: burst firing and synchrony (O`Connor et al. 2012)
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Description This is the readme for a model that reproduces Figure 8c in:

O'Connor S., Angelo K., Jacob T.J.C. Burst firing versus synchrony in
a gap junction connected olfactory bulb mitral cell network
model. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 6:75.


In a network of 6 mitral cells connected by gap junctions in the
apical dendrite tuft, continuous current injections of 0.06 nA are
injected into 20 locations in the apical tuft of two of the mitral
cells. The current injection into one of the cells starts 10 ms after
the other to generate asynchronous firing in the cells (Migliore et
al. 2005 protocol). Firing of the cells is asynchronous for the first
120 ms. However after the burst firing phase is completed the firing
in all cells becomes synchronous.

This implementation is by Simon O'Connor, to whom questions should be
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Created Date Mar 21, 2017 13:14:19
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