A Layer V CCS type pyramidal cell, inhibitory synapse current conduction (Kubota Y et al., 2015)


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登録者:NIJC管理者 (nijcadmin)  |  作成日: Dec 25, 2017 13:54:17  |  来訪者数:2411  |  実行回数:36
ID 659
タイトル A Layer V CCS type pyramidal cell, inhibitory synapse current conduction (Kubota Y et al., 2015)
概要 A layer V crossed-corticostriatal (CCS) ‘slender untufted’ pyramidal cell model of rat frontal cortex was built using Neurolucida tracing as well as 3D reconstructed dendrites of serial electron micrographs to give the model as authentic morphology as possible.

When the model was run automatically, Click CS56Py button.
Another window, which contains RunControl, Point Manager buttons are included, and model shape plot window are shown. By clicking RunControl button, Run Control window is shown. Init &Run button should be clicked for running simulation. To set the stimulus, you should click Point Manager button. Current pulse stimulus can be set by selecting IClamp from SelectPointProcess. Onset delay (del) , duration (dur) and amplitude (amp) can be varied by your setting.

1 . Kubota Y, Kondo S, Nomura M, Hatada S, Yamaguchi N, Mohamed AA, Karube F, Lübke J, Kawaguchi (2015) Functional effects of distinct innervation styles of pyramidal cells by fast spiking cortical interneurons. Elife [PubMed]
最終更新日 Jan 4, 2018 17:55:31
作成日 Dec 25, 2017 13:54:17
登録者 NIJC管理者 (nijcadmin)
アイテムタイプ Online Simulation
Jan 4, 2018 Modified; Index.
Jan 4, 2018 Modified; Index.
Dec 25, 2017 Modified; Description.
Dec 25, 2017 Modified; Preview.
モデルコンテンツへのURL https://senselab.med.yale.edu/ModelDB/showModel.cshtml?model=183424
登録PF・DB ModelDB
シミュレータ Neuron
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