Large cortex model with map-based neurons (Rulkov et al 2004)

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Free Keywords: Cortical model, Network, Oscillation, 2D
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Title Large cortex model with map-based neurons (Rulkov et al 2004)
Free Keywords Cortical model, Network, Oscillation, 2D
Description README

for the model associated with:

Rulkov NF, Timofeev I, Bazhenov M (2004)
Oscillations in large-scale cortical networks: map-based model.
J Comput Neurosci 17:203-23

This model is written in C++. The following instructions work have worked under
redhat linux 9 although the code should work with little or no modification on
other platforms with ansi compilers.

How to compile:

Change to the directory in which you have unziped the archieve file, then type:

g++ network2D.cpp -lm -O4 -ffast-math -o n.exe

How to run:

n.exe input2D.txt > tmp &

C++ code for simulating 2 layer 2D network (256x256 pyramidal cells - regular
spiking type and 128x128 interneurons - fast spiking type) of map-based
neurons. With some small modifications this code was used to generate Fig 9A
(right plot) in our JCNS paper. Also there is a movie of spiral wave dynamics
available (see pop-down window above model files in ModelDB.

Making the movie with matlab:

Matlab scripts which create images which are then used to create the movie:


To assemble the images into the movie and then save the movie:

for i=1:200; tmp=imread(['mov' num2str(i) '.png']); m(i)=im2frame(tmp); end;

Additional note:

The simulations with 256x256 require > 1GB RAM (otherwise there is a huge time
penalty for virtual memory use).

Dr. Maxim Bazhenov, The Salk Institute,
10010 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037.
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