Artificial neuron model (Izhikevich 2003)


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登録者:NIJC管理者 (nijcadmin)  |  作成日: Mar 16, 2011 15:20:32  |  来訪者数:5769  |  実行回数:347
フリーキーワード: Izhikevich model, Spiking neuron
ID 67
タイトル Artificial neuron model (Izhikevich 2003)
フリーキーワード Izhikevich model, Spiking neuron
概要 Izhikevich artificial neuron model from
EM Izhikevich "Simple Model of Spiking Neurons"
IEEE Transactions On Neural Networks, Vol. 14, No. 6, November 2003 pp 1569-1572

izh.m // Matlab program to replicate firing patterns
izh.gif // illustration of firing patterns
izh.mod // Neuron mod file to replicate firing patterns (note limitations below)

izh.hoc // Neuron hoc file

Usage :
matlab izh.m
nrnivmodl izh
nrngui izh.hoc

solves the following equations:

v' = e*v^2 + f*v + g - u + I; RESET if (v>30) v=c
u' = a*(b*v-u); RESET if (v>30) u=u+d
(note that vv is used in Neuron for voltage so doesn't interfere with built-in v
of cell)

a,b,c,d,I are the major parameters;
f,g are reset for 2 simulations (G-"Class 1" and L-"integrator")
all parameters can be controlled from parameter panel

3 of the simulations shown in izh.gif are not properly replicated:
Q: depolarizing afterpotential does not repolarize properly
R: accomodation requires an alteration of the functional forms to replicate
(alternate functional form given on line 52 of izh.mod)
T: too unstable for Neuron integrators to handle
(changing izh.hoc line 203 to Isend1(50,75) will crash simulator)

izhstim() // sets up a single NetStim input at 1 ms into the Izhikevich cell

[izh.hoc42 izh.mod16]
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作成日 Mar 16, 2011 15:20:32
登録者 NIJC管理者 (nijcadmin)
アイテムタイプ Online Simulation
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Feb 12, 2012 Modified; Description, Free Keywords, Simulator Name.
Mar 24, 2011 Modified; Index.
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シミュレータ MATLAB
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