A spiking model of cortical broadcast and competition (Shanahan 2008)

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Contributor:NIJC Administrator (nijcadmin)  |  Created Date: Mar 16, 2011 15:34:06  |  Visits:2348  |  Runs:93
Free Keywords: Network layer, Spiking neuron, STDP, Activity propagation
ID 76
Title A spiking model of cortical broadcast and competition (Shanahan 2008)
Free Keywords Network layer, Spiking neuron, STDP, Activity propagation
Description This is the model associated with the paper:

Shanahan M (2008) A spiking neuron model of cortical broadcast and
competition. Conscious Cogn 17:288-303

These model files were supplied by Dr Shanahan.

At the matlab prompt type GWTrials to start the top-level program.
This will run for a little under 4 hours generating figures in 13
training with several trials per session. These figures are similar
to those in figures 7, 8, and 9 in the paper:

The code contains some corrections, so doesn't reproduce the exact
figures from the paper, although they are qualitatively the same.
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Created Date Mar 16, 2011 15:34:06
Contributor NIJC Administrator (nijcadmin)
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Simulator Name MATLAB
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